Saturday, July 30, 2011

Squids vs. Monkeys vs. Predators vs. Aliens XXX in 3-D


December 26th, 2012, humanity carries on as it always has unaware of the fate that awaits it. As the winter solstice reaches its zenith there is a stir heard round the world. The oceans bubble and churn, the jungles howl and shake, strange lights fill the sky, and in dark corners of the world hungry teeth and claws push toward the light. The end has come...

ACT I- Humanity Consumed

"What the fuck is going on?" he thought as he ran through the streets of the burning city. Explosions and sirens tore through the cold winter air. Turning the corner of the block he came upon a heap of burning cars and smoldering bodies blocking further movement. "This is madness" he spoke out loud as the fire illuminated his face a bright red. Screams and shouts of panic filled the air from the direction he had just come from, terrified but with no other option but to double back he began walking cautiously towards their sound. Hugging the corner of a building for cover he peaked his head around to look at what the screaming was about.

The scene before him belonged in a Hollywood blockbuster. Throngs of desperate, dirty people run through the street screaming as a loud mechanical sound grows louder and louder deafening their voices. Through the smoke and haze it comes into sight, and then another, and another. Large bipedal robots stomping through the crowd, but in place of arms there are tentacles. Long tentacles swooping down, picking up people and vehicles alike and tossing them into the air like toys. The robots walk through the panicking crowd killing and destroying at their leisure. Watching this massacre the man doesn't know that he too is being watched.

A thousand yards away on a rooftop a lone figure crouches down, stalking its prey. Its shoulder mounted laser coming to life it locks on, soon the prize will be his. The distance he traveled to get here will be more than worth it in the glory he will reap before leaving this ruined world to burn out. As his savors the kill to come a thought creeps into his alien mind, "What's with the giant squid robots?"


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